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Côte française

Le Cotentin

The northwest coast of France, with its endless beaches and fishing villages, is the perfect place to enjoy the sea, against a backdrop of alternating cliffs and white sandy beaches.

With one of the highest tides in the world (up to 11m), the coastline changes between high and low tide, allowing you to enjoy a multitude of maritime sports such as surfing, sand yachting and more.

The region's rich cultural heritage allows you to discover the Vikings, maritime traditions and learn more about the Second World War, including the D-Day beaches. 

A special recreational value is provided by the mild microclimate, which allows palm trees to flourish in the Cotentin. The iodine-rich air calms even the most stressed and nervous of souls, and guarantees a burst of energy.

Whatever the nature of your vacation: sporting, cultural, family, relaxation etc., the Cotentin is the place for you!

Bord de plage

Discover the Cotentin

The Cotentin region offers a multitude of activities and excursions. Rich in culture and scenery, we have compiled a list of must-see places to visit during your stay. Botanical gardens, fishing villages, museums...

Markets and Shops

A good warm baguette, fish caught on the Cotentin coast, the famous "presalé" lamb fed in the dunes... The region boasts many local specialities sold by our shops or at the weekly markets around Bretteville.



Even though every cottage offers a fully equipped kitchen, going out for a meal or a drink is part of a successful vacation. Here you'll find all the restaurants, bars and cafés to complete your stay in the Cotentin region.

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